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Award-winning entrepreneur

Twenty-five-year-old Terry Cutting is an award-winning entrepreneur and the owner of Relentless Nostalgia Manufacturing a company that offers premium real fruit juices to its clientele.

The former student of The Lester Vaughan School said that he decided to become an entrepreneur before becoming a part of the Youth Entrepreneurship Scheme which further enhanced his business acumen.

“I was a part of the Youth Entrepreneurship Scheme (YES) where I was awarded three of the four awards that was up for grabs. We had to launch a new temporary business from scratch using our already existent businesses for "business labs" where we conducted real-time out in the field operations. We were judged on the profits generated from the business operating for one day, the presentation and layout of the business location as well as the packaging of the products, originality, and the overall business model. The three awards I won were: Most outstanding business, most profitable business and best business presentation,” he said.

The businessman who has completed thirteen certificates in different fields of study said he decided to begin his business Relentless Nostalgia Manufacturing due to him becoming health conscious.

“I started the business after I became health-conscious particularly about what I consume edibility, so I decided to create products that I would use for myself and also serve others. I also had a desire to pursue acquiring assets rather than liabilities,” he said.

Cutting whose products can be found in select supermarkets, retail stores, cafes, hotels, and restaurants across Barbados said that it was his destiny to become an entrepreneur.

“Destiny as this is what I decided I would do with my life even before I had or knew it,I was born for it. When I was an employee, I never felt like I fit in,” he said.

The owner of Relentless Nostalgia Manufacturing said some of the highlights of his career are winning Governmental awards.

“Some highlights of my career are, winning the governmental awards and also knowing that my products are being consumed by at least one person in every country that targets Barbados as a tourist destination. This initiative is happening as we speak, and it is being made possible via one of our day one retail partners who serve our premium "real" fruit juices on their menu at their hotel restaurant to international guests, from Spain, USA, Canada, France, and the list goes on. Special thanks to the management and staff of the Round House Barbados team. Another highlight of my career was being in alignment with a CBC news team for the launch of AGROFEST 2020 in which I was featured live on Mornin Barbados for the three-day duration of AGROFEST which triggered engagements from powerhouse brands like the Atlantic submarines just to name a few. However, the pandemic impacted this negotiation, but we are hopeful that Atlantic Submarines will come back on stream in 2022,” he said.

Cutting who is a very determined entrepreneurial young man said that his company’s speciality items are his all-natural peanut butter molasses and his Gudgosh Golden Apple Juice.

“We currently offer an immune booster juice line, existing flavors are supersonic sorrel, Irish seamoss superfood liquid meal, Dairy-free Peanut Punch, Royal sparkle fruit mix and Gudgosh Golden apple juice. Our juices stand out due to our top-secret recipe,” he said.

Cutting wished to thank the Barbados Trust Loan Fund Limited (BTFL) for assisting him with starting his business.

“I also want to add a special thank you to all who played a part in the company’s journey this for. Especially, the Barbados Trust Loan Fund Limited as well as Youth entrepreneurship Scheme as we together work towards meeting targets set by the Prime Minister of Barbados Mia Mottley to see how local businesses can reduce some of the country’s food import bill. The takeaway for me from working with these governmental institutions would be accountability. I want to send my regards to Mr. Dottin and the team at BTFL and Mr. Mosley and the team at Y.E.S. I also want to thank obviously the Divine Creator of all things,” he said.

Persons can contact Relentless Nostalgia Manufacturing by contacting +1246 286-1280. (Write Right PR Services)

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