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Armstrong singing to make her grandmother proud

Zoe ‘Zoe Sunshine’ Armstrong is a talented vocalist. The former student of Deighton Griffith Secondary School who has been singing since the tender age of three is a contestant in this year’s Richard Stoute Teen Talent Over 21 Competition said that she decided to enter the competition this year to showcase the development of her voice as an artiste.

“I was not planning on entering the competition this year, but I decided to take as many opportunities as I can to perform. I promised myself that anytime that I do something creative it would be for my grandmother who recently passed. She was not a singer, but she was creative, and she always encouraged me to follow my heart. So, when persons come out to the show, they can expect that I would leave my heart on the stage and it would be authentic,” she said.

Not only is Armstrong a talented vocalist and a former member of Operation Triple Threat, she is also an actress in Into The Darkness which was conceptualized by Stockton Miller and is set to be in cinemas in October. Speaking about her involvement in the movie, the holder of an Associate Degree in Theatre Arts said that she was excited to be awarded the role.

“I cannot wait for the rest of the world to see this film. I am proud of everyone and how much heart they put into the film. What should I say about the role? You will have to come and see. But what I can say is that there is more to being a zombie than making noises, moving slowly, and looking bad. You have to feel what you are giving your viewers, you have to believe it, so they believe it,” she said.

Zoe Sunshine said she realized she wanted to be an actress after watching episodes of The Pretender.

“I realized that not only did I want to be a singer, I wanted to try everything and acting allowed me to do that. Just the thought of becoming a doctor, a police officer, a famous goldfish whisper or whatever other amazing roles are available excites me,” she said.

Zoe Sunshine is also a motivational speaker and shares inspiring content on her Instagram page @iamzoesunshine and on her YouTube Chanel Zoe Sunshine which she said stemmed from her being bullied at school.

“When I was at secondary school, I was a victim of bullying and I despised how this bully made me feel to the point where I began to doubt my worth and my existence. Unfortunately, I was one of those people who suffered in silence, but I needed to confide in someone, but I did not know how. Instead, I spiralled became depressed and shrunk who I was in order to avoid causing anyone unnecessary trouble. Making myself small for the sake of others was ridiculous of me but I did not have the confidence I needed at the time. Going through that fueled my desire to share my story with others and encourage everyone I come into contact with to never give up on the King and or Queen that lives within them,” she said.

Armstrong said that one of her greatest highlights to date was singing at her late Grandmother’s funeral where she felt the presence of her grandmother and she gave a very moving performance of Wind Beneath My Wings.

Zoe Sunshine is committed to leaving her mark on the entertainment industry and wished to thank all that have been on the journey with her thus far. She also revealed that she is working on releasing her first single The Self Love Song which features Mad Mixy later this year. (Write Right PR Services)

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