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Angelina Affiliates

Angelina Sinckler is the owner of Angelina Affiliate a company that offers social media marketing services to their customers.

The twenty-one-year-old former Queen’s College student who has been operating her business for the past two years from her remote office has been offering design services as well as marketing services.

“We provide the following for the tech-savvy and unsavvy customers where we offer design services whether it be a flyer, business card, brochure, wedding invitations or cookbooks. We also offer marketing services which include social media management or social media training, Google listing setup and SEO marketing, content planning, running online advertisements or creating templates for you to manage your online business yourself,” she said.

Sinckler said that her business name represents how her business is constructed.

“My business name represents how when receiving my services, it is partly me - Angelina meaning my artistic mind and Affiliate meaning the customer; therefore, everything is a creation based on both me and my customers,” she said.

The young social media manager said that she believes that her love for her work is what encourages persons to return to her company which she started after she left her position as a social media manager for a well-known company.

“I believe my interest and love for my work encourages persons to return to my business. After having done social media management as my past job for a company, I decided to share my creative capabilities on my own terms instead. I am passionate about social media marketing as well as helping entrepreneurs to thrive in their business as I know how hard it is for an emerging business to seek to navigate maintaining the business as well as managing their social media. Therefore, I offer them that assistance so that they can focus their time and energy on making their business successful. In the next five years I would like to see that my business has aided even more entrepreneurs in gaining success,” she said.

Sinckler said that entrepreneurship has taught her that everything starts with you the individual thus, one of the greatest highlights of her career is knowing that her work will impact others in the community.

“One of my goals with this business is to uplift fellow entrepreneurs with our design and marketing services whether it is in a community or in a business as I believe that I am helping persons fulfill their business dreams,” she said.

She invited interested persons to contact her on Facebook and Instagram at Angelina Affiliate. (Write Right PR Services)

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