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Ace K9 Security Services offering excellent services

Troy Annibaffa is the owner of Ace K9 Security Services Inc. a company that offers a wide range of security services.

The business which has been in operation for four years and is located in Kingsland, Christ Church, was conceptualized and named by the owner in order to manifest the goals that he had for the business.

“We knew we wanted to be the #1 provider in the country and what better way to represent that than the word ACE, the highest card in the deck. Funny enough, when we looked at the last names of the founding partners, we were alerted to the fact that the first letter of each person’s last name spelt the word ACE,” he said.

The former student of the Louis Lynch Secondary School said he decided to start the business with his partner in order to make a difference in the security industry.

“My business partner and I decided that we wanted to make a difference in the security industry as we found that the standards were very poor and outdated. By experiencing things firsthand, we knew how the staff and occasionally the clients were treated by other security companies, so we decided to ensure security was done the right way. We believe that the service we render should impact on the customer whom we serve. Security comes in many forms and is integral in many areas of business, so we knew that we wanted to place emphasis on our customer experience, as that is what builds a successful business. As our mission statement states we seek to ensure that the client remains the focus and centre of our activities and to provide operational excellence,” he said.

Annibaffa said that in recent times he has seen an increase in the amount of women who are eager to become security officers as a way to provide for their families.

“We have seen an increase in the amount of female’s gravitating towards security. The female nature of being homemakers and providers has allowed them to pivot into not so traditional sources of income. We provide an atmosphere where we illustrate to clients, that females can perform efficiently in the security function. Security in the 21st century is more about customer service, conflict resolution and de-escalation rather than the use of brute force. We currently have two female employees however, we are an organization who believe in inclusivity and equal opportunity,” he said.

The owner of Ace K9 Security Services Inc. said that his company is able to stand out by understanding the needs of their staff, who are their internal customers.

“We balance our needs with the needs of our staff, by offering support, recognizing, and attracting talent and offering developmental opportunities. In addition, we are committed to hiring the youth in our communities training them and assisting them in gaining work experience as they are the future of the workforce. We recognize that people are more than a “means to an end” or a billable product. We have never compromised on the quality of the services provided to the customer. We ensure our customers' happiness by providing them with great service at a very competitive price. Whether it is their staff, property, customers, or guests, we offer a variety of services to ensure a safe environment whilst allowing them to concentrate on the management of their business. We know that a safe and secure environment translates to a profitable environment,” he said.

Annibaffa said that one of the highlights of his business would have been importing two German Shepherds that were sourced from Romania and trained in the United Kingdom.

We found that companies providing K9 services have poor selection and quality of dogs with the dogs not being properly trained or not trained at all. At our company we ensure that our K9’s are properly trained so that they can provide exceptional services,” he said.

The businessman said that the company is in the process of expanding its current services to include service dogs in the near future.

“We will take the canine service to the next level by having service dogs as well as trained dogs, who are trained in detection and rescue. I have completed courses in dog care and welfare, and I will utilize that knowledge to maximize the efficiency and success of the business. We want to become a subsidiary to the Barbados Police Service which we already have a strong relationship with,” he said. (Write Right PR Services)

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